Melani Tankel graduated from the George Washington University with a BA in Psychology. She has a true interest in the wellbeing of people and has utilized her degree in varying and unique ways within the business world. She is the founder of PlantYourBase, a health and wellness practice focused around Plant-forward, lifestyle coaching, and plant-based product development.

She has spent the past 15 years in the triathlon community, starting with her first Olympic triathlon in 2003 and is currently, training for her fifth 140.6 full Ironman distance this October, in Barcelona, Spain. Her love for endurance racing has encouraged her to combine sport with nutrition. Melani thrives on eating a plant-based diet that she has followed for the past 15 years. She lives a healthful lifestyle that is fueled by her passion for the environment. Melani believes that we are what we eat and that where our food comes from is vital to how we treat the planet we live on. She is an advocate for clean food, clean air and clean water.