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Build your very own custom box! Pick your favorite flavors, try some new ones, and fill your box with the perfect combination for you and your family!

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Free Shipping

Built Your Way

Great Taste Guaranteed

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Choose Product Type and Box Size

Fill your box with your favorites

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Happy Snacking!

Protein Bars

Ingredients are everything, which is why we limit ourselves to using no more than 7 organic, plant-based ingredients to deliver 10g plant-based protein. Don't miss out on our Small Batch options too!

Kids' Snack Bars

You love 'em because they're made from quality organic, plant-based ingredients; they love 'em because they're absolutely delicious and come in a variety of flavors! Skout even has nut-free options for allergy & "school friendly" lunch box snacks.

Don't just take our word for it...

Here at VegNews, we’re pretty picky about our energy bars. We want them made with real plant-based ingredients, contain no extra junk, be organic, and taste amazing.

We fell in love at first bite with Skout Organic Bars and from the online reviews, so have a lot of other people.

We always love our orders! We get the variety pack so my little guy can always choose his flavor! These are great for on the go and when you just need a little something! As a nutritionist I love having this healthy option for my little guy!

Ali S.

Finally found a tasty protein bar after almost 10 years of searching! I have loved Skout from the first time that I had I enjoyed their protein bars. I have multiple food allergies and Skout has been the tastiest protein bar for folks like me that I have been able to find for me. Believe me I have been looking for almost 10 years and these products are by far the best out there.

Beverly V.

These bars are made with plant-based proteins, are certified USDA organics, kosher, vegan, non-GMO, grain-free, and most of all, they're gooey-good. And they're made with just four ingredients.


Do I have to subscribe, or can I place a one-time Build a Box order?

You can place a one-time build a box order — no need to subscribe. After you select the contents of your Build a Box, you will be able to select the frequency of your order. This includes a one-time option.

If I subscribe, can I change my contents on the next order?

You sure can. You can change the contents of your box up until 24 hours before your order is processed. We will always send you an email and text (if you are enrolled in our SMS communications) five days before your order is processed & packed, reminding you that you have the option to change your flavors or delivery timing.

If I subscribe can I change, pause or cancel delivery dates?

Yes, you have the ability to change the delivery date, pause, or cancel your order at any time. All of this is managed in your account. Just login and update as needed.  

Do I save money by subscribing?

You sure do! We offer 20% off automatically for all subscription orders. You also get a better price per bar for ordering larger quantities.

We will also make sure that when we have a sale that offers a discount larger than 20%, you can use the "larger" discount. Just log into your Manage Subscription account and add the new discount code to your next order. Receive the larger discount for orders taking place during the promotional period.

Can I include limited edition "Small Batch" flavors in my box?

Of course you can! Your entire order can be Small Batch bars if you like. Please note that "Small Batch" bars are made in smaller quantities and that if your subscription includes a flavor we run out of, we will substitute it with another "Small Batch" flavor or the flavor of your choice from our current inventory.  

If I subscribe, will I be reminded when I have an upcoming order?

Yes, we will send you a reminder 5 days before your order is packed letting you know that you will be charged. At that time, you can update your flavor selections, pause, or even cancel your order.  

Does a Subscription orders count towards my Skout Rewards loyalty points?

Yes, your subscription orders count towards your loyality points. For subscription orders you automatically go to our highest loyality tier where you will recieve 6 points for every dollar spent. Learn more about our Skout Rewards program at skoutorganic.com/pages/rewards.