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Our Story

Crafting snacks since 2009

A little history...

We like to think of Skout Organic as small, yet mighty. Our team has been crafting better snacks for more than a decade. What started in 2009 as a homemade trailbar baked for PNW excursions has become Skout Organic as you know it today.

A few recipes in, 2018 landed us in Austin, TX with more excitement about our snacks than we ever would've imagined. The introduction of a new line of Protein Bars led to the launch of our Kids Snack Bars in 2019 and our coveted Small Batch flavors in 2021. Soft-Baked Cookies joined our lineup in the spring of 2023 with an enthusiastic response.

Thank you for being here and for making these organic snacking dreams a reality! Here's to many more years of happy snacking!

ALWAYS Organic, Plant-Based, and Simple

Our Promise to You

Whether it's Snack Bars or Soft-Baked Cookies, great taste will always be our first ingredient. And great taste can only be achieved by using the best-quality organic ingredients nature has to offer.

Why sacrifice quality for flavor when you can have both? This is Skout, and this is what organic deserves to taste like.

Snacks for even the pickiest of eaters

Snacks for the Whole Family

The variety of snacks and sizes and flavors you'll find in our shop means there's something for everyone in the family. Picky eaters? Allergies? Sweet tooth? No problem.

  • Variety Packs are a great way to try everything. With over 15 unique flavors of snack bars, you're sure to find something they like!
  • Want to custom-pick flavors for your family? Check out our Build A Box feature!
  • We're always introducing new flavors to our Small Batch lineup. These limited-edition flavors come and go quickly, so don't miss out!

ALWAYS Organic, Plant-Based, and Simple

  • Certified Organic

    All of our snacks are certified Organic by Oregon Tilth. The USDA defines “Organic” and requires all certified products to meet the following standards:

    • Ingredients were grown from organic, non-GMO seeds or plants.
    • Only organic fertilizers or soil treatments were used.
    • No artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives were added.
    • No synthetic insecticides, fungicides, or weed-killers were used.
    • No sewage sludge was used and no exposure to radiation
    • No synthetic post harvest treatments were used.
  • Certified Vegan

    Skout Organic snacks are plant-based and certified vegan by standards:

    • Products are free from, and not processed with, animal products, by-products, and bone char.
    • Ingredients and finished products have no involvement with animal testing.
    • None of our products contain any animal-derived GMO's or animal-derived genes.
    • If machinery is shared with a non-vegan company, steps are taken to thoroughly sanitize all surfaces and equipment between production cycles.
  • Certified Gluten-Free

    Skout Organic snacks are made with gluten-free ingredients. All of our products are certified gluten-free by the Gluten Free Certification Organization. We carefully source oats that are grown in areas uncontaminated by gluten.

    We have been complimented by the Celiac community by providing them the opportunity to enjoy Soft-Baked Cookies and snack bar flavors like Pecan Pie and French Toast.

  • Certified Kosher

    Skout Organic snacks are certified Kosher by Orthodox Union and Earth Kosher.

    What does it mean to be certified Kosher?

    • Our products only use ingredients qualified as Kosher and are not grown or made with anything that is meat or dairy.
    • Our baking facility is inspected by either the Orthodox Union or Earth Kosher.
    • Each of our products receives Kosher certification by a qualified Rabbinic field representative.
  • Simple Ingredients

    Our commitment to using only a handful of the finest ingredients is something we take seriously. The time and hard work that goes into our sourcing allows us to maintain an extremely clean and simple ingredient list.

    What do we mean by “simple”?

    • Our bars are made with 7 or less ingredients.
    • All of our ingredients are from fruit or plants that could be grown in your backyard.
    • You don't need a chemistry degree to understand our ingredients lists. Every ingredient used in our bars is both familiar and pronounceable.
  • Super Yummy

    Why are Skout Organic snacks so yummy?

    • When it comes to snacking, Skout Organic believes nature got it right the first time. Which is why we choose to use simple ingredeints like fruits, nuts, and seeds to make our snacks!
    • Every ingredient used to make Skout Organic snacks is certified organic, letting their natural flavors shine!
    • Dates make up the base of each of our snack bars, giving them a smooth texture and a natural sweetness without having to add any sugar!

Allergen Testing Process

Skout Organic is committed to making delicious snacks that can be enjoyed by everyone. In order to provide a product that is allergen friendly, we take extensive measures throughout our supply chain to avoid cross contamination and cross contact with Gluten, Dairy, Soy, Grain, Wheat, and Eggs, consistent with Current Good Manufacturing Practices regulations. We also offer select products that are free of nuts (see Nut Allergen section at the link below).
Some of the important allergen control measures we take are summarized on the following page.

Small Batch

In an effort to consistently provide your taste buds with a variety of new and deliciously unique flavors, we have been hard at work curating some of the finest organic ingredients to innovate our new Small Batch bars. These Small Batch flavors are baked in limited quantities and go really fast. When they're gone they're gone. We always get the "please save me a box" comments when someone discovers their new favorite snack!

Meet The Team

  • Mark Collis

    Chief Snacking Officer

  • Kirsten Brady

    VP of Operations

  • Stuart Wallock

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Josh Bruns

    Senior Design Director

  • David Mitchell

    Director of R&D

  • Claire Forsberg

    Social Media Manager

  • Lydia Subat

    Customer Service Representative

  • Cal McCormick

    Warehouse Manager

  • Chedrick Yordan

    Assistant Warehouse Manager

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