"Professionally, I’m a pharmacist by trait.  I’ve worked in hospitals on the East Coast, Midwest, and am now back on the West Coast.  I’ve worked in critical care and surgery in my early years, to administration and medication safety, to most recently becoming an informatics pharmacist at OHSU.

Athletically speaking in high school my focus had been on football and track & field.  I’m actually predisposed genetically to faster twitch muscle sports as a triple jumper, long jumper, sprinter, and wide receiver in my early years.  I became somewhat sedentary in graduate school and residency and picked up distance running in my early 30’s after multiple family members had strokes.  Now in my mid-to-late 30’s I’ve re-discovered my love of nature, outdoor adventures, and exploring via trailing and ultra-running.

I always have 1-2 Skout bars in all of my work bags and back packs to eat between meetings, when I can’t get to lunch until the late afternoon, or when I’m “Jones’ing” for portable apple pie flavored goodness.  The amazing flavor profile is like comfort food or a treat during a long day on the trails or when you’re dragging during a long race and need a pick-me-up.  The organic nature of real ingredients also sets it apart from alternatives and is easily digestible with a balanced endurance sport nutrition profile.

I generally have stomach issues with products that have fiber in them, but Skout bars amazingly have never led to stomach problems or an emergency restroom break.  I usually use a bar every 2 hours while training, and it’s a great race aid station pick-me-up or post-race recovery combined with a protein-recovery shake."