Hometown: Durham, NH

Instagram Handles: barbarajones27 keith.montgomery.718

Keith and I are big believers in a polymath life built around a life outdoors. We love to push ourselves physically and mentally for so many reasons! It gives us a sense of purpose, resilience, and appreciation for the world we live in. We are ultramarathoners, skyrunners, trail runners, cross country skiers, yogis, downhill skiers, and are always up for a new adventure! As veterinarians, we involve our dogs in many of our pursuits, though our Great Danes are starting to settle into retirement at 11 years old. The White Mountains give us enumerable trail options and the local beaches provide great sand workouts, as well as a relaxing recovery day!

Keith, and I involve our 5-year-old son in as many of our activities as possible. We want him to know a healthy active lifestyle is normal and gives a sense of accomplishment and resiliency in life. He has run The Rut Runts 1 Km race as a 3-year-old, does group runs every Wednesday night with the wonderful Exeter Run Club on the local rail trail, and has hiked numerous mountains in The Whites.

Why Skout: Skout Backcountry products are a perfect whole food snack for on-the-go lifestyles that require nutritious fuel without all the empty calories. And then there’s the fact they taste AMAZING!

Fav Product: The Energy bars are perfect – a good size, not dense or packed with artificial ingredients that don’t sit well during intense activities. There is always a fight over the last Peruvian Chocolate Coconut and the Washington Apple Cinnamon bars!

2018 Accomplishments:

  • Beyond the Ultimate - Jungle Ultra 230Km; won Queen of the Mountain - fastest female up mountain Day 4

2019 Goals:

  • Keith will be running the Ice Ultra (230km) in the Swedish Lapland within the artic circle this month. We will also be doing numerous mountain and trail races throughout New England as we plan our next adventures!