Amanda Bernacchi


Hometown: Chicago, IL 

Why Skout works for you in your adventure:

I live a very active lifestyle, but to have the energy I need to do so, I need fuel, which is where food comes in! I am constantly meal prepping, so I can always be on the go without having to worry about having an energy-filled meal to keep me going.  Although I love whole foods, sometimes in certain situations, they are not an option. If I’m nannying and both kids are crying at the same time because their hungry or tired ( which happens a lot ) and I’m starving, I don’t have time to hit pause while I cut an apple and put nut butter on it, or spoon yogurt into my mouth. Or if I am out on my boat in the middle of a rocky lake, it is much easier to eat something that requires little effort to prepare and consume, which is where Skout bars come in! Skout bars are made with organic whole food ingredients that I have no problem putting in my body. Sometimes I feel like consuming a snack bar is lazy and unhealthy but no such thoughts cross my mind when I eat Skout bars due to the fact that the ingredients are everything I would use in my daily life to make a snack. I have had my fair share of various protein or snack bars in my life and these are hands down the best I have ever tasted. Not only do they taste amazing, but they are incredible filing. They have a chewy texture, but that is one of my favorite aspects of these bars. The consistency allows you to slow down and really pay attention and enjoy your snack. Skout protein bars are one of my top choices for bars to pack and bring with me on my daily adventures. 

Fav Skout Product

Peanut Butter Protein

Favorite sport or activity

Any type of land or water sport, yoga, exploring everywhere and everything, painting, reading, cooking

 2018 Accomplishments:

College Graduation from Loyola University with Magna Cum Laude Honors

2019 goals:

My biggest goal for this year is to find a job that I love or enjoy, is sustainable, and will make me feel fulfilled and not wanting more! I have been told this type of job is hard to come by but, I am extremely determined. In my life I will find a balance between a career, a social life, being active, and eating healthy!