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6 Reasons to Eat a Plant-Based Diet

6 Reasons to Eat a Plant-Based Diet

Why is everyone talking about Plant-Based Diets? You’ve probably been told a million reasons to join the Plant-Based movement and eat less meat.  Here are our top 6 reasons to go Plant-Based.

Weight Loss

Plant-Based foods are high in fiber which can help aid weight loss. Fiber intake has been inversely associated with BMI (Body Mass Index) meaning the more fiber a person eats the lower their BMI. Fiber has the ability to satisfy hunger and curb your cravings which helps you cut unnecessary calories out of your daily food intake.

Foods that are high in fiber: Dates (2g), Apples (4.4g), Broccoli (3.8g), Peanuts (12g), and Sunflower Seeds (10g)

Prevent Diseases

Plant-Based diets have been scientifically proven to reduce your risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and other illnesses. Eating meat has been associated with increased rates of cancer and heart disease. Meat eaters also tend to have higher blood pressure than vegans and vegetarians.

Conserve Water

The amount of water that is used to raise one pound of beef is over 16 times what is used to grow a pound of corn. It takes roughly 444 gallons of water to produce a single quarter pound beef patty. Plant-Based foods use less water and are more sustainable and efficient for the planet.

Reduces Carbon Footprint

Eating a Plant-Based diet reduces your carbon footprint. Beef consumptions creates 1,984 pounds of CO2e every year. Beef production also contributes to deforestation, water pollution and air pollution from methane gas.

Save Money

Plant-Based foods tend to be less expensive than Meats and other non Plant-Based options. On average you can save $750 a year in food costs by switching to a meatless vegan diet.

Improved Athletic Performance

Vegan diets have been linked to improving overall athletic performance. Venus Williams, Derrick Morgan, Lewis Hamilton, Kyrie Irving, Hannah Teter, Nate Diaz, and hundreds of other athletes have switched to a Plant-Based diet in search of better athletic performance. Meat consumption and high cholesterol exacerbate inflammation which can lead to pain, slower recovery, and injury. Plant-Based diets also improve arterial flexibility and diameter which leads to better blood flow.

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