Nut Free!

Skout Organic Allergen Processes

• All ingredients used in our bars are naturally free of wheat, gluten, peanut, tree-nut, soy, dairy and egg allergens.•The facility we produce in, does process ingredients containing all the products mentioned above, therefore it is important that we clarify and make this information available to the public. •Our production is designed with a robust system to control allergens throughout every stage of production. We have allergen cleaning procedures in place, which are the highest level of cleaning performed to prevent cross-contamination from one allergen to another.•Our processes involve:•a deep clean of the entire production line followed by allergen swabbing and testing.•if the test comes back with anything other than a negative, everything will be recleaned and tested until the test produces a negative result. (need part per million clarity)

The finished product is also tested for allergens in a third-party lab.