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5 Easy Ways to Add More Veggies to Your Kids' Diet (Without Them Noticing!)

As a mom, you know how important it is to get your kids to eat their veggies. But let's face it, it can be a daily struggle! You're already juggling a million tasks, and getting a healthy meal on the table can be a feat in itself. That's why we're excited to share our top 5 tips to help you sneak more veggies into your little ones' diets. 

Tip 1: Blend into Sauces and Soups

Add finely chopped veggies like spinach, bell peppers, or mushrooms to your favorite pasta sauce or soup recipe. We know - these on their own might cause an outcry, if not about the flavor, then about the texture. Fear not, the flavors will meld together, and the veggies will be undetectable! Try adding some pureed broccoli or cauliflower to your next batch of mac and cheese for another dinner-winner.

Tip 2: Grate and Add to Meatballs or Burgers

Mix grated sweet potatoes, parsnips, or brussel sprouts into your meatball or burger mixture for an added nutritional boost. The cooking process will help mask the flavors and textures. Who doesn’t love a burger? 

Tip 3: Snack on Skout Organic Carrot Cake Bars

Our delicious bars are made with organic carrots as one of the 7 real-food ingredients! They're the perfect on-the-go snack that's both healthy and tasty. Plus, your kids will love the yummy carrot cake flavor! Complete with a superhero character on the front, this is sure to be a hit. 

Tip 4: Use Veggies as a Pizza Topping

Pizza night has saved dinner on many occasions, but it’s time for an upgrade! Let your kids add their favorite toppings to a whole-wheat pita or English muffin, but include shredded veggies like eggplant, yellow squash, or zucchini. The cheese and sauce will help hide the flavors, and you can even layer these on underneath the cheese for an even more undetectable boost of nutrition! Try adding roasted garlic or artichoke hearts to punch up the flavor!

Tip 5: Make a Veggie-Packed Smoothie

Blend together your kids' favorite fruits with some hidden veggies like beets, carrots, or butternut squash. You can even add a handful of spinach to a berry smoothie – the sweetness will mask the earthy flavor! Beets will add a bright vibrant color, making the smoothie look even more appealing to kiddos! 

At Skout Organic, we're all about making healthy snacking easy and fun for kids. Our snacks are made with simple, real ingredients that you can feel good about. So go ahead, get creative, and sneak those veggies in!

Happy National Eat Your Veggies Day, and happy snacking from Skout Organic!

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