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Why New Branding?

With roots in the outdoors of the Pacific Northwest, Skout’s aim is to be pure, simple, natural, and approachable.

The Skout Backcountry branding was intentionally bold and extreme.  It was geared entirely towards extreme athletes — mountain climbers, ultra runners, backpackers, outdoor enthusiasts.  But we realized that Skout's consumers have a much broader span of interests. So we wanted to create a brand that celebrated Skout’s broader appeal.

So we set out to rethink the brand — to make it more inviting and approachable while remaining familiar.  We wanted to maintain the PNW outdoor feel, but focus more on the simple and delicious aspect of our foods.


Who we were

Skout Backcountry was a combination of thepassionate pursuit of an adventurous lifestyle, thesustainable use of earth's finest organic ingredients, and thetraceable sourcing of every ingredient.

Skout'sdeliciously-crafted blends of fruits, seeds, and nuts take organic snacking to new heights.  Without GMOs, Skout's plant-based foods are certified organic, certified Kosher, vegan, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, and soy-free — theperfect fit for your lifestyle.

Who we are

Since 2008, Jason has worked tirelessly to craft eachplant-based snack from the finest organic ingredients nature has to offer.  The result?Deliciously simple blends of fruits, seeds, and nuts that embody the rugged and energetic spirit of the PNW.

“Several years ago I was hiking Mt. Hood with my yellow lab, Skout, when I realized the snack in my bag was really no healthier than a candy bar.  I searched far and wide for a great-tasting nutrition bar that was healthy and sustainable. Unable to find what I was looking for, I gathered a few of my favorite organic ingredients and started to make my own. I hope you love Skout Organic bars as much as I do!”— JASON| Founder, Portland, OR

With a desire to get back to nature, Jason created Skout Organic foods in his home kitchen.  It wasn’t long before Jason loaded up his first production batch and began selling it out of the back of his van to all the Portland shops he could find.

Hungry for adventure?  Skout Organic combines adventurous energy, organic sustainability, and ingredient transparency to provide convenient snacking for any pursuit from the workplace to the wilderness.

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