10 Year Anniversary

by Mark Collis September 26, 2019 2 min read

It's hard to believe but today marks the 10 year anniversary of our first production run. The idea of Skout was formed on top of Mt. Hood in 2008, and on September 26, 2009, the idea became a reality. 

Where Skout Started


Jason was tired of the current selection of nutrition bars and set out to his grocery store's bulk section to make his own. Mixing dates, nuts, and a few other simple ingredients he started his adventure in crafting the cleanest, best tasting, and Organic bars he could. Pawning bars off on his friends and family, he had his first focus group. He received feedback on every batch of bars and was able to tweak the recipe accordingly. 


Memorable Moments:


Jason ran his first production run at a local co-manufacturer in Portland, Oregon, quit his job and started selling Skout products out of the back of his van. After Production Jason went straight to local Portland Co-Op, Peoples Co-Op, and sold his first retailer. 

 (2008/9 first packaging)

  (2009/10 Packaging) 


Minor tweaks to the packaging led Jason to use a stock image. A few months after releasing the package that stock image found its way back to Alison, the person in the stock photo. In 2010 she sent Jason this photo from the top of Kilimanjaro. 

Alison on Kilimanjaro

Jason launched in local retailers Roth's Fresh Market and Market of Choice. In order to get his products into each location, he made weekly trips to Salem and Eugene to deliver product from his van.



Hashimoto Shota from Japan stumbled across Skout Bars at the airport. Shortly after he reached out to Skout to figure out how to bring Skout Bars to Japan, this was the first Global customer. 


Skout moved from Tony's (Jason's brother's) garage to a Warehouse in Portland, OR, and hired their first employee. Josh still works for Skout.  



Skout formally evaluated its packaging for the first time.


Skout partnered with local PNW retailer New Seasons and became Skout's largest customer.



Skout moved from the Portland, OR Warehouse to Tillamook OR.


With the outdoors in mind, Skout Natural Foods became Skout Backcountry.


Jason brought on a Partner, built a team, and launched the brand nationally.


In late 2017, with the help of the Oregon State Food Innovation Center and JPG Resources, Jason developed and finalized a brand new protein bar that launched in early 2018.



Skout Backcountry became Skout Organic (Read More about our Rebrand) with the same principles in mind: Great Taste, Organic Ingredients, and Cravability. Jason went back to his home kitchen to reformulate the protein bars and develop a line of Kids products.  



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