Hometown: Irvine, California

Instagram Handles: @Ironwillwhit and @TheCandidCox

WHITNEY POWELL is an athlete, adventurer, media host and producer, and founder of the 7Seas Rowing Club, based in California. As a coxswain, she has raced in Europe, the UK, Ireland, Canada, and U.S. with world champ and Olympic rowers, (bringing home some gold bling!). Professionally, she specializes in on-camera broadcasting and social media content creation with pro and Olympic athletes, race directors, tourism boards, and tour operators. 

There is almost no race and adventure destination off-limits! She has ridden camels in Morocco, run a half marathon in Antarctica, been scuba diving with sharks in Hawaii, scaled the Alps and Pyranees, explored ruins in Ireland and Scotland and sailed from Barbados to Grenada, been on Safari in Botswana and explored southern Africa, done three full Ironman triathlons, and runs marathons in many countries.

Currently she is living in the UK and trying to be the first woman on the U.S. men's national team as a coxswain, hosting and broadcasting amazing regattas around the world, running a marathon on every continent, and managing 7Seas Rowing Club!

Why Skout: I am super picky about what I eat and natural ingredients and whole foods are so crucial to health and performance.  So... how can I go wrong with Skout? 

Fav. Product: Anything coconut! I like the blueberry bars too because they aren't too sweet but have nice, tasty, real ingredients!

Fav. Sport: Rowing (trying to make the Olympics), Marathons, Trail running (endurance, baby!)

2018 Accomplishments: 

  • Won Holland Beker Regatta (Amsterdam) with a team of Olympians and world champs from 9 different countries.

  • I trained and raced in Ireland, Belgium, the UK, the Netherlands and successfully made the top rowing club in the world in the UK, moved just outside London, and am now training full time to try to make the U.S. Olympic team.

2019 Goals:

  • My BIGGEST 2019 goal is to represent the U.S. in Lima, Peru for the PanAm Games and get a step closer to my Olympic goal.

  • Then it's to race successfully with my club in the UK where we are training with and racing top clubs/teams from all over the world in the UK, Spain, Germany, the Netherlands.

  • Finally, I'm going to get more marathons in this year! Yeay!