"I'm a social media strategist in health and wellness and I have a Real Food & Wellness blog. When I'm not health-hacking recipes, and snapping millions of food photos on Instagram, I work as a Social Media Content Creator and Food Photographer, taking brands to the next level through content creation, digital and social media visual storytelling."

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"I got started blogging as a way to share my healthy recipes with friends and family. Because of my love of travel, I started to add in wellness travel with various recommendations on healthy-ish places of the places I travelled. I see my blog as a means to express with my readers what I enjoy doing -- eating well and traveling as much as I can. It's a breeding ground for ideas, and excitement for a balanced and inspired life. Through my journey of living a healthier, intentional life, I've realized that it's part of my happiness, putting effort into something, sharing with others."


Valerie's one piece of advice for someone who wants to start a blog? 
"Just start! Many people focus on writing a ton of blog posts before, the design element, and name, waiting for it to be so perfect before they actually start posting. You just have to do it! Over time, you'll develop your writing style and attract your tribe." 


Make a list and grab your friends. 
"I have my goals on an Asana list and set myself reminders on my calendar. This month I wanted to focus on building a meditation practice. I'm starting out with 3 days a week, 3 minutes on those days - I've picked 3 days out of the week and set a reminder in my phone. With major work goals, I have a friend whom I have brainstorming sessions each week. Sharing with her my goals, she helps me stay accountable for them."

"I've noticed in myself that I need to make workout dates with friends to workout in the winter. This is the only way I'll stay motivated to keep moving. I try and go for an hour walk each day, rain or shine. Being out in nature helps me clear my mind and have that "me " time. Some of my favorite workouts are: yoga, spin class at BurnCycle, and Barre3!"


"My best life advice for anyone running their own business is that it's important to take time off and unplugging. It's easy to work endlessly, because when you are running your own business, sometimes work doesn't seem like work. I've learned over the years, that unplugging (taking a tech detox) is important to revive your creativity and motivation and not get burnt out."


"Right now, I've been making a lot of fish and dashi, which reminds me of a lot of Spring because of the lightness and seasonal veggies. I also make a lot of dishes with zucchini noodles and caulirice, which also adds to the light element, transitioning from winter to spring.

I love using edible flowers in smoothie bowls and in salads. These tend to become available in April! Wild mushrooms and Rhubarb are two other I look forward to coming March/April."


“My vision board for 2019 includes a few travel destinations that I hope to visit this year (Sri Lanka, South Korea, and Japan); Happiness - in all aspects of life; Love - Finding endless love in the relationships I have in my life, passions, hobbies, and self-love; more hikes and better focus with work. I'm trying to be more purposeful and giving things and people my 100% attention when engaging with them.”


“In Portland, you can find me either sipping on a smoothie at Kure in the Pearl District or on my laptop at a coffee shop like UpperLeft Roasters or Good Coffee.”

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