NV Thrilla CX Series | Bend, OR

Hometown: Portland, OR

Instagram Handle: @valeriefidan

Twitter Handle: @valeriefidan

"I'm a social media strategist in health and wellness and blog for Real Food & Wellness blog.

Why Skout: I strongly believe that it is important to fuel your body with clean products for optimal health and performance.  Aside from tasting great, I love that Skout products are good, wholesome products."

Favorite sport: I love keeping active (and balanced) with yoga and boxing. I've recently have taken on indoor rock climbing, which is very thrilling!

Favorite product:  Salt and Vinegar Pumpkin Seeds! This new flavor combines all the flavors I love, making it the perfect snack! The Argentinian Peanut Butter Organic Energy Bar remains a favorite of mine -- it is the perfect indulgent snack that doubles as a zero-guilt dessert. 

2018 Accomplishments:

  • growing a business 

  • revamping my food and travel blog,

  • being able to live more fully through intention and being more present.