Photo by Sean O'Brien Photography


Hometown: Bend, Oregon

Trevor Hostetler grew up running the local 5 and 10Ks with his dad and brothers. When he hit his 20’s, Trevor’s life revolved around alpine climbing. He spent every weekend in the mountains, drumming up crazy adventures like cycling from Portland, climbing Mt. Hood, then riding back. To keep in shape for climbing, he would run.

When kids entered his life, he set aside the risk of climbing. But his passion for adventure and love for the mountains remained the same. Running ultra marathons was the obvious next step.

Today, Trevor is co-owner of Alpine Running with another Skout ambassador - Janessa Taylor. Alpine Running puts on trail running races in wild and scenic locations in the Pacific Northwest.

“I strive to eat clean, simple, organic foods in all aspects of life. Skout fits this and doesn't add ingredients that aren't necessary. During my long runs it doesn't bother my stomach and provides the calories needed in races and adventures.”