Hometown: Holden, MA

Instagram Handle: Tiernan_Kennedy

“If you can’t find me running a reaction in the lab, it’s probably because I’m out on the cliffs. I’m a die hard climbers who likes to preserve the old school ethics of New England, but isn’t too good for the fun the sport climbing and competition climbing brings.  I love climbing and being outdoors in all its forms.  I’m a busy student at UMass Amherst and captain of UMass climbing, but I always save time to do the sport I love, certainly with Scout products by my side.”

Why Skout: As an active member of the outdoor community, it’s great to have an energy bar company that respects organic products yet also produces convenient and substantial snacks to keep outdoor thrill seekers powered.

Fav. Product: The pumpkin seeds for sure. They’re so unique to scout, and I love having them with me on long climbs. Cracking open a bag on a ledge gives me a little extra energy and motivation to bring home the send.

Fav. Activity: Trad Climbing

2018 Accomplishments:

  • Broke into the consistent 5.12 climbing grade

  • Confounded UMass Climbing Team and had over 40 members the inaugural year 

2019 Goals:

  • Take down a local 5.13 project. Hopefully “Bulletproof” a striking and extremely challenging off-width crack in Farley ledges 

  • Break into A3 aid climbing.