Hometown: Denver, CO

Instagram Handle: Deafanie

Facebook: Grover1126

“I am 42 years old and I was born deaf. I am fun, energetic and super active.  I am going on 3 years sober and couldn’t be happier with myself!”

Why Skout: Fuels me on my swims, cycling, and runs. I use this during the day at work to curb my appetite and keep my fuel going for my workout.

Fav. Product: All of your organic energy bars!

Fav. Sport: Cycling, hiking and snowboarding

2018 Accomplishments:

  • Lavaman, AMBBR, MS 150,

  • Triple Bypass

  • Cycled up Pikes Peak and Mount Evans

  • Boulder 70.3

  • Finally Ironman Arizona!

    2019 goals

  • 13.1 Marathon in May

  • AMBBR in June

  • MS 150 in June

  • STP in July

  • Boulder 70.3 in August

  • NYC Marathon in November