Hometown: Portland, OR

Instagram Handle: @stephimig

Facebook Handle: stephanie.imig.7

"I am a teacher and a mom who loves strong coffee, hoppy IPAs, vegan cooking, and playing as much as possible in the mountains with my dog. I am also an ultra-runner, aspiring climber, and all-around mountain lover.  The grand juggling act of full-time parenting, teaching, and outdoor-adventuring is probably my greatest accomplishment, although that does not make it on any resume, nor is it often graceful.  I also count as an accomplishment taking my son backpacking, cross-country skiing, climbing, or on a short trail run, where his appreciation for, and love of our natural spaces become palpable.

Why Skout: Whether I am packing my pack for a long adventure run, or my backpack for a weekend in the mountains with my family, Skout products will always be there.  I love that the bars are not full of long, un-pronounceable ingredients, and don't have a million grams of sugar like other bars.  I feel good about what I am putting in my body, and in my son's body too!

Fav product: mountain ranch pumpkin seeds--they are my favorite thing to inhale when I get back to my car after a long run, or to snack on along the trail when I am backpacking. Then again, they are also amazing on top of pretty much any lunch bowl I make, any salad...really any time!

Favorite sport: trail running--climbing, scrambling, laughing and playing in the mountains.

2018 Accomplishments:

  • 3rd Female Wy'East Wonder

  • Masters winner at the Gnar Gnar

  • 2nd Female at Elk Kings Mountain Marathon

  • Rim to Rim to Rim in the Grand Canyon

  • Circumnavigated Mt. Hood for the 3rd time, this time as the lead for a group of friends

  • And, while it's not a race, I feel proud of the outdoor adventures I have with my 11 year-old son. Whether we are backpacking, running trails, or cross country skiing, there is nothing better than seeing him come into his own as an environmental steward and adventurer.

2019 Goals:

  • Improve on my races at both the Wy'East Wonder 50K and the Elk Kings Mountain Marathon--I finished on the podium at both of these races, but I know there are points in both races that I lost the mental game. I want to race with confidence and belief!

  • In April I am planning an end to end to end of the Wilson River Trail.

  • Over the summer, I plan to circumnavigate Mt. Rainier in 2 days (this one is a big goal that depends on a lot of factors to come together, so I give it about a 75% probability of happening). If I am not able to circumnavigate Mt. Rainier, then I want to do both Hood and St. Helens.

  • Volunteer at a race. Since I often feel like I have to choose between spending time with my trail running community, or spending time with my family, I have not been able to give back in the way I would like to, but it is just too important not to! So, this year I am committing to volunteering, and hope to bring my family with me.