Instagram Handle: Lavitadi_shy

Instagram Photography: Lavitadi_photography

“Ever since I was young, I was fascinated by the camera. Like most people with young children, my parents constantly had a camera in my face. No matter where we went or what we did, it was there; freezing that moment in time with a neon yellow date stamped at the bottom right corner. My eyes would light up when I saw the device, perplexed as to how one button made it work. I remember holding it in my hands and looking at the shutter open and close and staring at my reflection in the lens. The camera was so small, but it held the world inside of it. The moments it captured were everlasting, permanently retained for the rest of time.

I have found a passion for wanting to freeze athletes in motion,  I want to display healthy life styles, recipes and products all while collaborating with some amazing companies. In the 26 years of my life- I think I have found myself. I found a way to express myself and for that, I will not fail.”

Why Skout: Skout products are perfect for me because they are so compact, I can take them any where.  As a dune enthusiast, I may be out on the dunes riding for hours on end so I always carry snacks. Skout products are pack full of good clean protein and is guaranteed to keep me satiated until I make it back to camp.

Fav. Product: My FAVORITE product is the Salt & Vinegar pumpkin seeds!