Hometown: Tacoma, WA

Instagram Handle: geo_seb

Facebook Handle: Sebastian Walter

"I practice a good balance between trail running, solo fast packing, backpacking with friends, backcountry skiing, and rock climbing.  I have been getting into ski mountaineering lately too.  Rock climbing has been a staple in my life since 2007, when I began bouldering and Trad climbing in the Gunks of NY.  Trail running has been in my life for a similar amount of time, and acts as the easiest form of energy release and means to satisfy my adventurous spirit.

I have been skiing since I was 4 years old, and only recently have begun traveling uphill with them, into really amazing territories.  I love exploring the unknown, where I am unsure of my own abilities, and pushing myself into those uncharted territories.  I find that those instances inspire future adventure.”

Why Skout: Skout Backcountry fuels my adventure by ensuring a food source that is sustainable and good for my health.  Skout Backcountry provides the means to carry my nutritional goals into my active lifestyle.  I find most prepared sport food to be full of added sugar.  Skout bars do not use refined sugars, which is a huge plus in my book.  Also, I have experimented with many different kinds of bars/fuel/gu, and these bars agree with my stomach.

Fav. Product: I really enjoy the apple cinnamon Skout bar, it is by far my favorite bar out there.  With simple ingredients and no added sugar, it makes a perfect mid run energy stabilizer as well as a snack at any point in the day. 

Fav. Sport: trail running, especially through the Issaquah Alps

2018 Accomplishments:

  • Trail running: Second Place at Race to the Cape

  • Trail running: Running the entire Timberline Trail in a day in less than 10 hours

  • Trail running: Piecing together the Tatoosh Traverse in preparation for a single day, FKT push in 2019

  • Backpacking: Paria Canyon, Chilkoot Trail, Wonderland Trail

  • Ski Touring: Circumnavigate Mt Hood on skis at El. ~9000ft

  • Rock Climbing: Climb Beacon Rock in less than 2hrs

2019 Goals:

  • Running the Orca's Island 50k, Diez Vista 50k and shooting for a fall attempt at the Tatoosh Traverse FKT.  

  • Teton Traverse in the summer, along with a summit of Devils Tower. 

  • We will be taking an extended trip out to (most likely) SE Asia in mid/late July to August.  Good chances of a rad backpacking trip out there, too.