"I mostly enjoy backcountry hiking, snowboarding, backpacking, free diving, fly fishing, and 4x4 off-road/overland adventures. I like to be alone in the wild places to "reset" and these help me do just that. My health - both physical and mental - are my main motivators in getting into the wild. I want to live a well balanced life, and getting out and doing things does that. A lot of our life is lived behind a screen. I want to experience life, not just watch it flicker by in front of me; I want to feel the world around me and be a part of it.

Skout fuels my adventures for many reasons; Skout is local, the products are healthy and they provide a balanced carb and protein snack to keep me moving forward. The company itself is one I've come to know and respect, having worked for Skout in the office in the past."