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I played traditional sports growing up and running was always a punishment. Then, about 5 years ago, I saw my wife come through the finish line at her first half marathon and said, ‘That looks like fun.’ I ran my first half marathon the next month, my first marathon a year later, and my first 50k a year after that. Since then I have found a real passion for running long miles in the trails of Bend, Oregon.”

In a period of only five years, Rick Stilson has achieved an incredible portfolio.

He has won...

  • The 2016 NW Mountain Trail Series

  • The 2016 Mt Hood 50

  • The 2016 Peterson Ridge Rumble 40-miler

  • The 2015 Flagline 50k

He has top finishes in...

  • The 2015 Peterson Ridge Rumble
  • The 2016 Smith Rock Ascent 50k
  • The Volcanic 50k
  • The 2016 Flagline 50k

But this has in no way affected Rick’s priorities.  “Throughout the years, I have learned that everything I do pales in comparison to my greatest achievement…my family - my wife and 4 kids,” says the accomplished athlete.  We're honored to have Rick on our team!

"To me, Skout stands out from the alternatives because of its consistency: literally and figuratively.  I used to eat brand “x’s” and because there are so many ingredients, you kinda get lost in the ingredient abyss.  Skout’s simplicity with its limited ingredients make it incredibly easy to eat and digest."

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