Instagram Handle: Hungrilyhomemade

Blog: http://www.hungrilyhomemade.com

Rania is a food loving, adventure seeking new mom and food blogger. Her background is in Marketing Technology and while she remains passionate about it, but dedicates her days to raising a wild, fun loving 16 month old boy and sharing delicious recipes on her blog Hungrily Homemade. Rania finds it a fun challenge to create delicious, nutritious meals for her family and friends and is always looking for new ingredients to use. She has recently taken up a love for gardening and learning about foraging! 

Why Skout: It’s convenient, healthy, easy to carry around, tasty and filling! I don’t have to worry about lugging around many snacks to keep my family fed and happy.

Fav. Product: My little man (and mom and dad) are obsessed with the bars!! We sampled the bars at our Sprouts and he has been addicted since! The Argentinian peanut butter flavor is our go to!!

Fav. Activities: Gardening & Hiking!!! 

2018 Accomplishments:

  • Birthed a healthy baby boy

  • Flipped our first house

  • Appeared in an HGTV TV show!!

  • Bought our own house and did some remodels

2019 Goals:

  • Build a wild, huge garden

  • Work on getting back into hiking by discovering unknown trails and mountains in the Southeast region

  • Take our son on his first camping adventure!