Hometown: Southern Oregon

Facebook Handle: raina Rausch

Strava Page: www.strava.com/seenonmytrail

"I love almost all things outdoors! I am a trail runner, hiker, mountain climber, a new cross country skier and snowshoer, and a poor tennis player, who likes to flat water kayak in the summer.

I’ve raced a few 50ks, ran Boston, and would love to spend a couple mornings a week at the track. My biggest challenge is trying to figure out how to do all these things, while going back to work full time as a teacher, and raising three boys, who have their own hobbies and passions. 

One of my favorite places is a trail called Brice Creek. I love it because it's never the same. Every time I go there something has changed on the trail, a new tree is down, a new landslide. It's always breathtaking too."

Why Skout:

Fav. Product: sea salt and vinegar seeds! I also love the Peruvian chocolate bars and the dark chocolate cherry protein!

Fav. Sport: Trail running

2018 Accomplishments:

  • My biggest accomplishment in 2018 was taking my (then 13 year old) son to the top of Mt. Thielsen and watching him scramble up the top of the pinnacle. 

    2019 Goals:

  • This year I plan to summit several peaks, including South Sister, Diamond Peak, and maybe… Shasta.

  • It would also be really cool to get back into solid 50K shape.