Photo by Chris Hesselbein

Phil is an alpine climber and a writer.  A few of his most impressive athletic, personal and professional accomplishments include his December, 2016 climb in Patagonia, climbing Liberty Ridge on Mt. Rainer, and starting his Outdoor Leadership Minor at Pacific University.

"Attempting to climb Aguja Poincenot on the Fitz Roy Massif in Patagonia in December of 2016 changed my life.  We did not reach the top of this route, but it was absolutely amazing to be in such a historically significant alpine location.

I started using Skout because the bars are gluten free and I was on a cleanse that was gluten free, but I kept eating them because they tasted so great.  My personal favorite bar is the Chocolate Coconut bar.  I eat Skout bars all the time during my adventures as a meal supplement or just to keep my energy up."