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NV Thrilla CX Series | Bend, OR

Hometown: Bend, OR

Instagram Handle: @natashav_246

"I'm always inspired to fill my life full of adventure by my home town of Bend OR.  In Bend people hold the outdoors and adventure above almost all else.  I am very passionate about cycling.  Ever sinceI did my first mtn bike race, I fell in love with the sport and the feeling of accomplishment I get from every race or adventure.

This year I was the Oregon State 10-13 junior girls mtn bike state series Champion.  In addition, I won the junior girls 10-13 Oregon Mudslinger MTB series.  In the next year I would like to push myself to train for nationals.  I would also like to work on simplifying my life so I can focus on the things that really matter to me.  I always choose Skout Backcountry to fuel my adventures because I care about eating only real and organic food."

Fav. Sport: Cycling, public speaking and volunteering

Fav. product: Washington Apple Cinnamon Energy bar

2018 accomplishments:

  • 1st place at the Sea Otter Classic cross country race (13-14 girls)

  • 9th place at US Nationals (cross country MTB girls 13-14)

  • 7th place at Cyclocross Nationals (13-14 girls)

  • 1st place in Women's Junior elite Oregon State cross country series 

2019 goals:

  • get top five at Sea Otter (I’m in the next age category)

  • do more endurance races

  • try different styles of racing (specifically road and TT)

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