IG Handle: @mikelinoriza

FB Handle: Mikel Inoriza Serrano

“Mikel Inoriza is 22 years old and he is from Vitoria-Gasteiz, Basque Country; he is receiving a Civil Engineering degree from the University of the Basque Country. He  is  a  natural  born  climber,  skier  and  alpinist  that  being quite young has plenty of experience. He usually climbs all over Spain, Pyrenees and the Alps; including rock climbing multi- pitch routes up to French 8 grade (American 5.13 b), also sport-climbing, having  repointed  routes  up  to  8b  (5.13  d).  He  also  has experience    in    ice    climbing    and    mixed    alpine   routes, including  some  WI6  and  M10  routes,  and  being  a  skier since  he  was  a  child,  having  done  different  traverses  on  the Pyrenees  and  the  Alps,  such  as  Chamonix-Zermatt  without mechanical   help   and   refuges.   His   short-time   projects   are   Lenin Peak in Kirguistan, with skis, and climbing trips to Indian  Creek  and Zion   (USA),   but   he   is   willing   to   move   towards   climbing unexplored peaks in Patagonia and the Himalayas.”

Why Skout: I usually spent a lot of time in the mountains, really long activities when it comes to alpinism. So I need to give my body a lot of energy, for that, Skout Energy and Protein Bars are perfect.

Fav. Product: The energy bars are just incredible the best ones I have ever tasted. For me it is impossible to get bored of the flavor and I think that is really important. I think that the one I like most is the Peruvian chocolate Peanut Butter Organic Energy Bar.

Fav. Activity: I must say that I love any activity that is practised in the mountains. However, the ones I like most are trad rock climbing and Skiing.

2018 Accomplishments:

  • During 2018 I entered the National Alpinism Team, and because of that I was able to travel to the Alps to do some really interesting stuff.

  • An ice climbing trip to Kandersteg, Switzerland was pretty good. I was able to climb up to WI6 and M10 difficulties in Ice and Mixed Climbing.

  • I also traveled to Taghia in Morocco, for some world-class multi-pitch rock-climbing routes; there I was able to climb really nice routes; Rivieres Purpres and L'axe du mal for example.

  • I also climbed some "Grande Course" stile alpinism routes in The Alps; Eperon Tournier to Les Droites and Pilier Gervasutti to the Mont-Blanc du Tacul.

  • I climbed a lot in the places I have in near Vitoria, for example in Ordesa, Mont-rebei, Montsant, Picu Urriellu.

2019 Goals:

  • To start with I would like to improve as an Alpinist, that is my main goal every year.

  • I have an expedition planned to Kirguistan. The goal is to reach the summit of Lenin Peak (7.149m) and go down skiing through the north face.

  • I also plan to climb a lot in pyrenees and open some new multi-pitch trad routes, in places like Ordesa or Peña Montañesa.

  • Finally, in autumn I have some climbing trips to Taghia and Corse.