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"I love all forms of human powered travel. Since I fell in love with trail running at a young age, that’s always been my primary lifelong passion, but I’ve wholly devoted myself (in the past) to whitewater kayaking, fast packing, rock climbing, and ski mountaineering.  I’d say right now that I’m most passionate about longer, multi-day adventures to more remote places, places like the Sierra High Route, which is mostly off trail and requires a special skill set that combines many of these different skill sets in different ways.

I’m mostly motivated by my own humanness, I think.  I’ve learned that I’m happiest when I’m in nature, moving my body, traversing landscapes, sleeping under the stars.  I think humans were meant to do these kinds of things.  It’s part of our design.  So the motivation is to find that simple form of happiness and I happen to find it very easily when I’m outside, in nature, and human powered.

Skout is a favorite food choice because they care where their ingredients come from and they keep it simple.  It's whole organic foods and a bunch of it comes from here in the Pacific Northwest.  It's just what I need whether I'm on a big multi-day adventure or just a fast afternoon run in the forest below my house."

Photo by Chris Hesselbein

Hometown: Spokane, WA

Social: @mattqsack

"I am passionate about cycling, rock climbing, and hiking with my family.  My ideal weekend would be 5-6 hours of Mountainous riding then good food, hiking and time in the water with family.  Challenging myself, learning about myself, experiences it brings, and the competition inspire me to life a live full of adventures.”

Why Skout: I choose Skout Backcountry to fuel my adventures because it is tasty, easy to digest awesomeness with high quality ingredients.

Fav Product: Oregon Blueberry almond energy bar- tastes soooo good and so easy to digest at hard efforts makes it a win win for me.

Fav Sport: Cycling- fun, social, fast, and can cover major miles to cool places.

Goals: Podium at Stage Race, and spend as much time as possible with my toddler.

2018 Accomplishments:

  • Upgraded to category 2 cyclist.

  • 4th Place- Tour de Dung #2 Road Race- Cat 3

  • Tour de Dung #2 Road Race - later in day Masters 35+ 1/2/3 20th Place

  • 3rd Place -Vance Creek Road Race- Cat 3

  • 5th Place--Tour de Bloom Stage 1- Plain Road Race-- masters 35+ Pro1/2/3 

  • 4th Place --Spokane Country Race way Circuit Race-- Cat 1/2/3 

  • 2nd Place Ronde van Palouse

  • 4th- Spokane Festival of Speed Crit- 1/2/3s

  • 1st Spokane County Raceway Circuit race 1/2/s

  • 8th High Desert Omnium Cat 3

  • 1st place for Tuesday night Series in 1/2/3 Field for season!

  • 5th Place - WSBA State Road Race Champs

  • 3rd Place- Cat Pro1/2 Riverbend Crit

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