Hometown: Denver, CO

Instagram Handle: Mikkcyco

Facebook Handle: Kevin Mikkelson

I’ve been in the Culinary business for 29 years and started from the bottom working my way up. Everything I’ve learned has been all hands without schooling I feel is a great accomplishment in my life. Now that I’m an Executive Chef and have been for 5 years I can look back and know that the hard work and long hours have paid off. I’ve always been an athletic person starting back when I was very young. Baseball, Football, Soccer and Basketball was an everyday thing for me growing up. BMX was another daily regiment growing up and truly enjoyed it especially racing and the competitiveness about it. My father raced Formula 1 and Formula V’s in SCCA (Sports Car Club of America) when I was growing up and seeing the competitiveness from him was all inspiring. 
Cycling is now my addiction and I just can’t get enough. I race at Cat 4 level and very soon will be a Cat 3. I’ve won 3 out of 5 races this season so far and we’ve just started and it’s a great sense of accomplishment for me that keeps me hungry for more. I just turned 49 and if I can get myself to a Cat 2, that would be huge in my book. Especially since I’ve only been seriously racing for 3.5 years.

Why Skout: Skout works for me because of the great ingredients that are packed inside. I was diagnosed with UC years ago and now my diet consist of non inflammatory foods no matter what and Skout bars are the best for me when I’m on the bike.

Fav. Product: I love all the plant based bars and my favorite is the peanut butter. Anything peanut butter and that’s my go to.

Fav. Sport: My favorite sport and activity is cycling. I do love watching EPL soccer as I've always been a big fan.

2018 accomplishments:

  • 2-2nd place finishes as Master 45+ in a crit series. Avondale (1) Crit and San Tan Crit.

  • 6th place finish as Cat 4 at Avondale (2) Crit

  • 4th place finish in RAT Cat 4 (Race against Time) TT in Picacho Peak AZ

  • 2nd place finish at the State TTT (Team Time Trial)

  • 8th place Overall in Cat 4 at VOS (Valley of the Sun 3 Day Stage Race)

2019 accomplishments:

  • 1st place as Masters 40+ in Avondale Crit (1)

  • 13th place as Masters 40+ in Avondale Crit (2)

  • 1st place as Masters 45+ in La Veulta Santa Catalina Road Race

  • 1st place as Masters 45+ in U of A Crit