"I am a yoga instructor, recently moved to Charleston, SC. I am so passionate about helping others find their happiest way of moving and finding my own ways to move with ease and freedom, on and off my mat. I would love to have my own Strala Yoga studio one day on the beach, where we can move like water and take deep breaths, while also finding ways to clean up and give back to Mother Earth.

I am obsessed with the pink Himalayan sea salt roasted pumpkin seeds! They’re are my favorite trail snack and helped me survive a 5 day cross country trip! :P

Skout gave me a way to transition into a vegetarian lifestyle. As a mover, I stay hungry no matter what I do.  Skout provided something that was not only delicious, but good for my body as well.  I could get some protein while also staying healthy, meat free, and full of the good stuff.  Plus, I’m always a fan of minimal ingredients."