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Hometown: Sandpoint, ID

Instagram Handle: @plantpositiverunning

Youtube Handle: @plantpositiverunning

"Being out in the mountains is our passion.  That’s when we feel the most alive, the most present.  It reminds us how small we are and puts everything in perspective.  Every day is an opportunity to adventure.  Summer or Winter, sunny or rainy, running or skiing, we always have an opportunity to be out there and experience nature in a way we cannot control.  We adapt, we learn and we get inspired.  So even if the day only calls for a short run or hike, we are grateful to be out there!

We love trail running because it’s simple.  Not a lot of gear, just you and the trails!  We love running for hours, reaching places that you think would take days hiking.  It gives us the opportunity to truly connect with nature and ourselves.  We love how running allow us to move somewhat 'fast' yet still slow enough to enjoy the views!  We also love discovering other ways of being outside, for example last winter was the first time we used snow shoes and it totally changed the way we look at winter, and now this winter our heart is set on discovering backcountry skiing!

Why Skout: we usually make all our own snacks for our adventure days, our races, etc, because we want to use only the best ingredients.  It became a bit of an obsession and we found ourselves spending way more time making the food than being out enjoying it’s fuel! Life became easier when we discovered Skout Backcountry!  No more hours prepping our food for our adventures, Skout Backcountry uses exactly the ingredients we love and want to eat to fuel our body—so now we can spend more time adventuring and less time in the kitchen!"

Gwen’s fav product:Argentinian Peanut Butter bar because it’s so good!!!

Katie’s fav product: Washington Apple Cinnamon bar because it’s sweet and refreshing during a good sweat!

Favorite sports: trail running and skate skiing

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