Hometown: Jarabacoa, Dominican Republic

Instagram Handles: @kat3_b, @kat3bwallace, @baristak8

Facebook Handles: Kate Wallace

Kathryn Brook Wallace was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. Growing up in the D.R, Kathryn played many sports in school like volley, soccer, and baseball.  With the mountains all around her and spending most weekends up at her family’s coffee farm, she was naturally drawn to the outdoors. The green space, the fresh air, the dirt under her nails, the magical feeling of seeing a waterfall and the mist floating all around her; Spirit Mountains became her paradise. Where the story of her adventures began.

At age 15, Kathryn moved to Texas to pursue dance. After graduating from high school, Kathryn moved to New York City to train in the three year Certificate Professional Division with the Alvin Ailey School. She spent her summers in Colorado and quickly realized that the city life wasn’t her calling. The mountains bring life into her soul, deliver exciting challenges, and bring community together. Kathryn recently signed a contract with the Cleo II Dance Company in Denver, CO. She will be joining them after her adventures to Hawaii, Iceland, Austria, Germany, Berlin, and Italy summer 2019.

Why Skout: I found out about Skout during the Boston Coffee Expo 2019. I was walking around and noticed bowls of pumpkin seeds. I was very curious about their different flavors and then moved over to their sample side where they had chopped up energy bars and protein bars. I was very impressed with Skout’s product, and enjoyed being welcomed by such an exciting group of representatives. I would love to be able to represent Skout in all my activities. I was gifted a fun present after mentioning I was into bouldering… The Skout crew gave me a chalk bag and super cool hat that I rocked for the rest of the Coffee Expo. Skout highlights athletes who care about not just their performance but behind the scenes is where habits begin to form and prove themselves through their results. Skout’s products are curious, rich, inviting, healthy, organic, and all come from Mother Nature.

Fav. Product: My favorite product would be the Argentinian Peanut butter energy bar and the Coconut Almond Protein bar. With the lifestyle I currently live, I wake up at 0600 and get home around 2200. I am very active, commuting 13 miles every day, dancing 20hrs a week, working as a barista 28hrs a week and on my free time go bouldering. I need to fuel my body consistently every 2 hrs and what I intake makes an impact on my performance. Eating a plant based diet allows me to sleep a full 8 hrs, feel energized throughout the day and not crash, keeps my skin healthy and spirit at peace. The energy bars are awesome because they are delicious by themselves and are satisfying after just one.

Fav. Sport: Biking, hiking, trail running, dancing, rock-climbing/bouldering

2018 Accomplishments:

  • Peaked four 14ers

  • Danced as Lead Arabian in the Nutcracker

  • Travelled to a different country (Canada)

  • Bought a commuter bike (no more frustrating NYC subways!)

  • Rock climbed a 5.11c outside.

2019 Goals:

  • Lead climb

  • Travel more

  • Buy a car

  • Peak a few more 14ers

  • Go camping in a cave

  • Be more intentional with community