Throughout my life I’ve been fortunate enough to live in some of the most beautiful, wild places. Places that shaped and molded my love for outdoor activities and recreation. I give all of the credit to Alaska, my home state, for opening my eyes to true, pristine wilderness. This is the place I learned to hike, camp, and backpack and also where I developed a sense of respect for nature and preservation. From there I moved to Washington, Colorado, and now Oregon, places that all harbored the perfect environment for me to get outside with my two dogs and learn that I also have a love for cycling, mountain biking, kayaking, skiing, and running. Aside from having a passion for the outdoors, I am also an advocate for animals and preserving our earth and the special places that encourage us to get outdoors. In 2018 I further expanded my life-long journey of being plant-based, directing my efforts into animal activism and joining events that helped individuals further understand the importance of protecting our earth and wild places that are affected by animal agriculture. I also traveled to Mexico where I participated in a spay and neuter clinic in an effort to minimize their street dog problem, sterilizing over 350 animals in two days. To make a long story short, I want to attempt to make our world a better place, through outdoor recreation and sharing the importance of preservation and through advocating for those who need support.”

Why Skout: Skout works for both my everyday and active lifestyle because the products are clean, healthy and help keep me fueled whether I've just finished a run, I need a mid-morning snack while sitting at my computer, I'm out hiking or I just need to satisfy a sweet tooth.  Skout products are nutritious, tasty and keep me going when I need a little extra kick.  These products and the fact that they are plant based make it so convenient for my lifestyle choices whether it be the food that I eat or the activities that I perform.

Fav. Product: I am quite obsessed with both the energy and protein bars because they contain simple, clean ingredients and they taste out-of-this-world amazing!  Specifically I love the Peruvian chocolate energy bar (I am a choco-holic) and the peanut butter protein bar.  I am also a fan of your pumpkin seeds, as they are rich in nutrients and help keep my vegan dishes tasting delicious.  With such an influx of protein and energy bars these days, it can be overwhelming when trying to find something that isn't heavily processed and/or contains harmful ingredients or animal products.  Skout products are something I can 100% get behind because I know what I'm eating, and that is something I want to share with everyone!