Hometown: Denver, CO

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Growing up in the mountains of Montana and Colorado I fell in love with the wilderness and high elevation outdoor pursuit including skiing, snowboarding, surfing, rock climbing and, of course, cycling in all forms. I started racing road bikes at a very young age, raced mountain bikes later and after that discovered cyclocross racing. The thrill of road bike racing is the number one pursuit that I enjoy the most when it comes to pushing the limits of my physical fitness. I have embraced and been inspired my whole life by the gift of having grown up in the mountain west. My travels and experiences have taken to me to all of the mountain west states in pursuit of thrilling adventures and competition. From Alaska to Arizona and Canada to California, Montana to Mexico there are so many memories and achievements.

Why Skout: I have always identified as an athlete and having chosen to adhere to a plant based diet at a very young age has provided me with the health and wellness and strength to live out my dreams. Skout Backcountry offers me the benefit of a truly natural food choice when fueling my next adventure.

Fav. Product: Dark Chocolate and Pink Salt Organic Protein Bar is perfect immediately following hard effort group training rides. I can stuff it in my jersey and have it during my warm down.