Hometown: Florence, OR

Instagram Handle: @jeremydlong

Facebook Handle: jeremy.long.146

"Trail running and ultramarathoning are two of my biggest passions.  I've always been active and athletic, as well as passionate about the outdoors, so trail running has always come naturally.  Growing up on the Oregon Coast provided ample opportunity to explore trails from an early age and trail running has been a part of my life ever since.  I've been running since junior high school and just kept going, with high school, college up until now, a couple dozen years later!

I'm easily inspired, as I'm naturally drawn to self-propelled adventure in general.  Forest, coast and mountain trails inspire me.  The history of these places also fascinates me and makes them all the more wonderful to visit.”

Fav. Product: I love the Blueberry Almond Energy Bars!  Not only are they packed with whole food goodness and healthy calories, they taste great and I never get tired of them.  Even after running dozens of miles when most other foods don't sound very tasty, these bars have saved me many times.

Fav. Sport: Trail running