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Hometown: Chatsworth, NJ

Instagram Handle:@jeremy_fullerton

"I'm inspired by the mountains and I am inspired by something as simple as rock climbing!  It has introduced me to so many amazing people and places around the world.  The sheer beauty and vastness of the mountains has always captivated me throughout my whole life which is why I live in Colorado.

I was introduced to climbing by my junior high school US history teacher. I’m motivated to keep pushing my limits in the sport of rock climbing. It’s easy for me to stay motivated on something I have been so passionate for the past 10 years so it just comes to me naturally!  My goal before the end of this year is to send the bouldering grade of v14.  This would be a life time achievement that not many people have ever accomplished in the world.

Why Skout: I choose Skout Backcountry to fuel my adventures/everyday life because the products are made with some of the best ingredients available!  It’s nice to not worry about reading the ingredients because I know exactly what every ingredient is without having to look it up."

Fav Sport:Bouldering, unicycling, and disc golf.

Fav product: I love the Blueberry Almond bar because it tastes great and has a really nice texture. Also I like that I can pronounce and read all of the ingredients in less than 5 seconds because there is only 5 of them.

2018 Accomplishments:

In 2018 I climbed my first V14 (The Wheel of Chaos in RMNP, CO). I set out very strict and ambituous goal of working towards it and I couldn't be happier with how 2018 panned out. 

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Connor Phillips
Connor Phillips

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