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Hometown: Junction City, OR

Facebook Handle: @jason.haddy3

Instagram Handle: @jason_runs_ultras

Twitter Handle: @jasonhaddy3

Tumblr Handle:

"I’ve been competing in running events sense 2009 and made the jump to trail running in 2016. I live in Oregon's Willamette Valley which puts me in a unique location where I can be in the beautiful mountains of Bend Oregon or the sandy trails of the Oregon coast in very little time. This allows me to train in many different terrains through out the year and in all kinds of weather as I train outdoors all year long.

I love the sport of ultra trail running because it has helped me grow as a person by making me step out of my every day comfort zone and take chances. I believe that’s when we grow the most, when we are pushing ourselves and trying new things that others might not attempt. I believe in a healthy lifestyle and with that comes choosing healthy whole foods. Skout Backcountry products check all the boxes for me and my family and the verity keeps me from feeling like I’m eating the same thing all the time, I appreciate all the thought that goes into every Skout bar, gel and pack of seeds.

I spent almost all of 2018 recovering from a lower leg injury that I sustained during the Grand to Grand Ultra, but now that I feel I’m 100% I’ll be getting back out on the trails and competing.”

Why Skout: Skout bars, seeds and gels fit perfect into life style because of the ingredients that are used. I strive to put the best kinds of food into my body and Skout Backcountry checks all the boxes."

2019 Trail Race Schedule:

  • Spring Fling Half March

  • Sasquatch 50K May

  • Mary’s Peak 50M June

  • Pine to Palm 100 September

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