Hometown: Born in the Philippines, Temecula, CA

Instagram Handle: @RidewithJairus

“I am an outdoors-man and an adventurer who loves sharing and teaching my knowledge and passion of cycling, skiing, and snowboarding. I am a Lupus warrior and an amateur Fly Fish angler.”

Why Skout: After hitting the wall at long rides, or a mid day snack backpacking through PCT, or waiting for them trouts to bite in between casts, a little pick me up bar does the trick!

Fav. Product: The Peruvian Chocolate (Coconut and Peanut Butter) energy bar are my favorite! Who doesn't like chocolate!

Fav. Sport: Cycling and Fly fishing

2018 Accomplishments:

  • 30+ miles trek through Eastern Sierra on my 30th

2019 Goals:

  • To get back on road cycling racing again.