Hometown: Tigard, OR

Instagram Handle: harveyj27

“My name is Jacob Harvey, I’m 17 years old and I live in Tigard, Oregon. I’ve been racing cross country mountain bikes for three years and racing motocross for two years. I enjoy being outdoors in the Pacific Northwest, riding bikes, and fishing.”

Why Skout: Nothing is more miserable than bonking out mid-race, and from my own experience, sugary store bought bars and gels don’t work well for me. I’m stoked to try some organic Skout products to keep me pushing through to the finish line next season.

Fav. Product: Although I haven’t tried them, the Washington Apple Cinnamon bars look delicious! Having grown up on an Oregon farm, I’ve always enjoyed locally grown grains and produce. The Sweet Texas BBQ pumpkin seeds sound good too.

2018 Accomplishments:

  • Last year during the debut NICA Oregon League cross country MTB season, I got second three times and first place once in the four race series, finishing 2nd overall behind fellow Skout ambassador Trevor Meek. Winning a race was something that I had been dreaming of since I got my first mountain bike, and I was excited to see my hard work pay off.

2019 Goals:

  • I’m excited for the local OBRA racing series to start in April. My main goal for race season is to podium at least one of the races, and I’m excited to see where the season takes me.