Hometown: New York City

Instagram Handle: @Yo__Erikita

Facebook Handle: @lifemeetshealth

“My name is Erica Celini and I am a Health Coach on a mission to make healthy the new normal with my company Life Meets Health. I help people to become the healthiest version of themselves through a holistic and sustainable approach to wellness which is rooted in nutrition, and expands to all aspects of wellness including lifestyle management, mindset, goal setting, and beyond.”

Fav. Product: I love the Oregon blueberry almond organic energy bar because it has clean, real food ingredients, and makes for a perfect pre or post workout snack!

Fav. Sport: CrossFit

2018 Accomplishments: I hosted my first wellness retreat in upstate New York! We had 100% Paleo meals, in house fitness, yoga, meditation, and coaching in an immersive weekend with a like-minded community.

2019 Goals: To expose more people to healthful nutrition through continuing to grow my health coaching practice to new communities.