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Hometown: Missoula, MT

IG Handle:@desrunsbecause

TwitterHandle: @runningbecause

"Growing up in Montana, Desiree always had an appreciation for the outdoors. In 2009, she began running to support her brother in his effort to lead a healthier lifestyle. Since then, she has discovered her love for endurance and mountain running, having completed more than 55 races of marathon distance or longer, including both the Badwater 135 and Fat Dog 120. Professionally, Desiree works full-time as a Project Manager in electronic discovery. When she's not exploring mountain trails or working, Desiree spends her time practicing yoga, bouldering, and exploring vegan cooking, led by her love for running and desire to both live a balanced life and be a stronger, more well-rounded athlete.

I always say 'yes' to adventure, to new opportunities, to new beginnings.  I was fortunate enough to have a father who ingrained in me a profound appreciation for the outdoors.  Even to the end, he spent his days sitting outside in the mountains, listening to the creek that ran through our yard.  In his last days he made me realize just how precious every moment is and that no amount of time will ever be enough.  And, so, I always say 'yes.'

Why Skout: "Skout works fuels my adventures because it provides my substantive fuel without making me feel full.  I can rely on the products to give me the energy I need without forcing me to slow down or stop what I'm doing due to stomach upset.  After every run, I always have a Skout bar waiting for me; its the one thing I look forward to as I push through those last miles.  But, Skout bars and pumpkin seeds are also staples in my desk and in my car!"

Fav product: The Skout energy bars are my favorite product. They are substantive and provide fuel without being heavy.

Fav sport: trail running, bouldering, yoga

2019 Goal: Run Rabbit Run 100 miler

2018 Accomplishments:

  • Never Summer 100km

  • Bear 100, my 10th 100 finish of 100 miles or longer


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