Hometown: Wallingford, CT

Instagram Handle: Runlikehelldanielle

I was the girl in high school that failed the presidential fitness challenge. I simply could not run a mile. I’d start out fast, do the first lap - start sucking air and be walking by lap three. I’d try to run off and on from there, but it seemed impossible. Ultimately, I’d be a far cry from the cut off time (let’s not even talk about the pull-ups, mmmkay?). It’s not that I was out of shape (I was a swimmer...and a butterflier at that!) but I just couldn’t get the timing right.

In college I became determined to run a bit on my own. I was slow. I went to the indoor track every day; being passed by little old men. It was humbling, but I worked myself up to 5 miles in an hour. I was proud.

I ebbed and flowed. Had children (twins and a singleton 15 months later). Fighting with and pushing a triple stroller just wasn’t for me. Years passed as I focused on in-home workouts.

By the time my youngest entered kindergarten I craved being outside. I began my (again humbling) path to running. Slowly. Run to the light pole, then walk. Just get to that mailbox before you walk. Ok...get to one mile before you walk….

Two years later: I’m running 8 miles each day before work. I’m clearing my head, feeling great and crushing goals. In 2018 I had a goal: go from a 2:25 Half Marathon PR to a 2:15 - at least that’s what I told people. What I really wanted? A 2:05. What I got? A 1:55. I was shocked. Proud. In disbelief.

This year, I will forge ahead. I’d love to get below 1:50 in that half. I’m working for it. I’m running at least one race a month and enjoying my journey. Running is humbling, but I compete against myself. I run for me. For my happiness. For my my health. For patience (hi, motherhood). And for my mental clarity.

Why Skout: Because it tastes great, is gentle on my stomach and is great to keep in my bag for crazy busy days at work in addition to training.

Fav Flavor: The dark chocolate and pink salt! I love sweet and salty!

Fav Sport: Running! I also enjoy swimming and hiking.

2018 Accomplishments:

  • 5K — 25:37

  • 5 Miler — 42:15

  • 10K — 55:12

  • Half Marathon — 1:55:09