Instagram Handle: @Danii_adventures

“I have accomplished a lot and have come a long way. There came a point in my life where i needed to be focused on myself and i slowly started being outdoors at a local trail. I did it to keep my mind occupied and it worked! I loved how relax and free i felt, so i started making that my new hobby. As years passed by, i always hiked solo and completed different challenges and never gave up. One year ago i turned vegan and gave up alcohol and i feel like a completely different person! I have a full time job and i am outdoors on my days off and sometimes before work.”

Why Skout: It works for me on my adventures because being vegan is hard to find the perfect snack!

Fav. Product: I have tried the peanut butter energy bar and i plan to try more products! It tasted so nutty and sweet. Helped me fuel up and doesn't taste bland.