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“I grew up riding horses in the PNW and didn’t do much of anything else until the end of my college career. I began dabbling in bouldering and running in my early 20s and my passion for spending time in the mountains grew as quickly as my VO2 max allowed it to. I currently try to balance my professional life as a Copywriter with my personal goals on snow, ice, dirt, and rock. I am lucky enough to have an amazing partner, wonderful friends, a psyched doggo, and a healthy appetite for tasty snacks–all of which are essential to keeping me moving and excited to keep pushing myself!”

Why Skout: I am a soy- and lactose-intolerant pescatarian. Since fueling my body appropriately is so important on big outings, I work hard to find the best tasting and best-for-me sources of calories that are on the market. Most bars have a laundry list of ingredients (a chunk of which make my GI tract angry) and I don't like putting artificial flavors and colors into my body. I love that you label your bars with "5 Ingredients" and have simple seasonings on your pumpkin seeds :)

Fav. Product: Dark Chocolate Cherry Organic Protein Bar – I’ve never had a protein bar quite like this one. It tastes like a delicious dessert without the crazy sugar rush/crash AND it has 10g of protein! How is that possible?!

Fav Activity: There are too many to choose so I like to mix & match them. My partner and I spend a lot of time scheming on multisport volcano link-ups and on trying to climb/ski peaks in a single-push, rather than camping (for example, climbing Mount Rainier’s Kautz Glacier car-to-car using running vests!).

2018 Accomplishments

  • Winter Ascent of Three Fingered Jack

  • Spring Ascent of the North Face of Mount Hood

  • Spring Ascent of North Sister

  • Solo run of the ~41 mile Timberline Trail

  • Attempted to run the 93-mile Wonderland Trail with my talented friend, Alli Miles. We made it to mile marker 57.

  • Red Point PB 5.11b Blue Light Special, Smith Rock State Park