IG Handle: Mr.Neglesworth

“I’ve always loved competition and have always loved a good race. I was pretty competitive playing baseball from T-ball up to high school. Then I started skateboarding in junior high and it eventually one over. In high school I bought my first road bike and used it for transportation. My older sister quickly convince me to try racing in from the first one I was hooked. I’ve done criteriums, road races, cyclocross, gravel races, mountain bike races, and even a full distance Iron Man. I learned through the Iron Man experience that I prefer the in-your-face touch of a traditional bike race. There’s something about rubbing elbows with your competition and jockeying for position that gets my adrenaline racing that nothing compares to when it comes to sport. I love giving it my all and as long as I do that the results don’t bother me. I just need to empty the tank and I leave satisfied.”

Why Skout: like using Scott products because they are vegan, taste good, and provide the fuel I need. I even like bringing my favorites to work with me for snacks. If I have the option for feeding my body with something  sustainably sourced ingredients I will every time. I like supporting small up-and-coming companies as well, especially when their products are ticking off all my boxes.

2018 Accomplishments 

  • *12/27 Joe Martin Stage Race overall cat 3

  • *14/34 Joe Martin Stage Race Road Race cat 3

  • *7/27 Joe Martin Stage Race Criterium cat 3

  • *7/33 Urbana Grand Prix Criterium cat 3

  • *21/23 Campton CX cat 123

2019 Goals

  • *Race more consistently 

  • *Win my first cat 3 race

  • *21/23 Autobahn Spring Criterium cat 123

  • *5/18  Autobahn Spring Criterium cat 3

  • *4/39 Joe Martin Stage Race-Road Race cat3

  • *16/36 Joe Martin Stage Race-Time Trial cat 3

  • *4/39 Joe Martin Stage Race-Criterium cat 3

  • *11/33 Joe Martin Stage Race-Overall cat 3

  • *6/38 Lincoln Park Criterium- cat 3

  • *26/36 Lincoln Park Criterium-cat 3