Hometown: Wallingford, CT

Social Handles: @irunthisb

“I have always been reflective and focused by nature. I am constantly striving to improve and be the best I can at everything I do. I am aware of my strengths and weaknesses and I look at those weaknesses not as roadblocks, but as hurdles that merely need to be circumvented. Growing up I always worked hard to accomplish all my goals, one of which was to run a Marathon.

Fast forward to parent-hood; work, three young children, responsibilities, yet that marathon goal still eluded me. I still worked out regularly, but didn’t have much of a focus. Then my 5 year old and 6 year old twins competed in their first triathlon. Watching them work so hard all summer for one day, one race, reminded me of how much I missed pushing myself.

Their proud little smiles reminded me of how much I love running and how I still hadn’t run a marathon. That is when I decided to focus more on my personal fitness goals. I focused on my training, signed up for a ton of races, finished my first marathon, and haven’t stopped pushing forward since!

I might not be breaking records with my running, but I am focused on improving, putting in the research and effort to accomplish my goals and setting a healthy example for my family!”

Why Skout: Between my early morning workouts, busy days teaching (high school and night classes at a local university), evenings shuttling the kids to all their sports and activities, and weekend long runs, I need nutritional sources that keep me full and healthy.

Fav. Product: The Peanut Butter Protein Bar! It makes a great breakfast and keeps me energized all morning and on my long runs!

Fav. Sport: Running, hiking, and Skiing!

2018 Accomplishments:

  • Full Marathon - 4:00:14

  • Half Marathon - 1:47:44

  • 10 Mile - 1:17:03

  • 10K - 46:35

  • 5 Mile - 36:50

  • 5K - 21:21