Bethany Patterson has been ultra running since she was inspired by her professor and mentor, David Horton, in college.  Balancing life as a wife and mother of three, she has achieved an impressive portfolio.

Bethany was named Trail Runner Magazine's trail runner of the year in 2003, she won the Hellgate 100k in 2015, and she was ranked the #10 female ultra runner in 2015 by Ultrarunning Magazine.  She won the Georgia Death Race, gaining entry into the 2016 Western States 100, where she was the 7th female finisher!

“The mind controls so much of what we believe to be our limitations. We are capable of so much more than we think we are.”

"I prefer to use real food as fuel during my training instead of just relying on gels.  In races, I've found that my body can only handle so many gels before my stomach can't take the sugar bomb anymore.  Skout bars are easy to eat and give me a more balanced energy level without the GI distress.  They aren't dry like some bars can be that you then have to choke down.  They have simple, real ingredients, no extra junk and they taste good!"