Hometown: My home is in Kimberley B.C.  I work part time in Vancouver so I get to play in both the coastal forests and the Rocky Mountain.

Instagram: beckybbates

Twitter: beebomb2

“I have always been active, mtn biking, road biking, rock and alpine climbing, backcountry skiing. At 50, for my birthday, I wanted a challenge and chose to run a 50 mile ultra race in Helena Montana. I  was never a runner - I ran a few 10ks in my 20's and had recently run a leg of a team race. I didn't much like my first race, in retrospect I think it was because I hadn't trained and really suffered during and after the race. I didn't run for a year and a half after my first ultra, but was drawn to a 2nd to make sure it was possible to run that distance. I liked it a bit more the 2nd time around and eventually hired a coach. I was fortunate to start running with good fitness but am still learning that to be proficient at running, you need to run. It took about 3 years to get comfortable on my feet.  I hope that with good coaching and good sense I can continue to run and race into my next decade.  And mountain bike and climb and ski!”

Why Skout: I am very particular about what I eat. I am plant based, eat organic and as close to the source as possible. Skout Backcountry products are organic, good food that tastes great. As snacks and trail fuel - Skout pumpkin seeds are a good mix of fats and protein, easy to digest fuel that isn’t too sweet. After runs, rides and races are a satisfying crunchy, salty, wee bit sweet recovery snack. I would like to introduce Skout to my running and climbing community through social media but also through many events I am involved in. I volunteer at Ultras and set race courses for mountain Biking events and running Ultras in BC, Idaho and Washington State. I co-lead 2 trail running camps in Alberta. Whenever I open a bag, I first get the curious look and then a smile when I share. Haven't met anyone who doesn't like Skout pumpkin seeds!

Fav. Product: Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Pumpkin Seeds, I am a plant based athlete and love the taste of all the pumpkin seed flavors, but especially like the sea salt after and during long efforts. Clean, simple, healthy, easy to digest and as a female endurance athlete the fact that pumpkin seeds are a good source of protein and high in iron makes them perfect fuel!

Favorite sport: No one favorite. I divide my time between running, mountain biking and rock climbing. In the winter I XC ski, backcountry ski and run when it is possible. I like being outdoors!

2018 Accomplishments:

  • Standing on the podium at CCC, part of UTMB weekend of races in Chamonix France. I won first in my age category and 14th female overall racing against some of the strongest in the world.

  • I ran 4 Ultras in 5 weeks in Sept. That was not smart...

2019 Goals:

  • More Mtn Bike Adventures! and more adventures running in the mountains. I am finished a work contract in April and hoping to go somewhere warm with trails and limestone - most likely southern Utah or Arizona.

  • I am racing the Transvulcania 74k Ultramarathon in the Canary Islands in May. Also a 50k in Utah in June and Run Rabbit Run 100 mile in Colorado in September.