"I have noticed that the healthier that I am, the happier I am.  And I want to always be happy.  I am at my best when I am working hard.  I was looking for a healthy outlet and I found it on the trails.  Trail Running, Hiking, Snow shoeing...Basically, anything outside.

I’ve been a road runner since middle school but just started trail running [at the end of 2015].  I had ran numerous marathons but wanted something different.  So [in 2015] I signed up for my first 50K- (Smith Rock Ascent) and then ran my second Ultra 2 months later (Mt. Hood 50k) in over 2 hours faster than Smith Rock.  I have since improved my times dramatically... even taking my marathon time (which I couldn’t get under 5 hours for years) and now have ran 2 in just barely over 4 hours."