Hometown: Minneapolis

Instagram Handle: annazelli

“My name is Anna, I’m 26, and live just outside of Minneapolis. I love being able to move my body in any way possible. I had an eating disorder in high school, so learning about how to fuel my body correctly for activity helped me recover from that. I studied exercise physiology in school, and would like to get back to working in nutrition and fitness industry.

I am a weightlifter and endurance athlete. I’ve run four marathons with plans for more races. I like to include a little bit of everything in my weekly routines- power, strength, Olympic lifts, bodybuilding and conditioning, along with cycling and running. Outside of the gym, I run, bike, hike, and like to do anything outside! Minnesota has really brutal winters, so I like to be outdoors as much as I can during the summer months- which are absolutely beautiful here! I love traveling as well, and my most recent trip was to Kauai, Hawaii.”


Why Skout: The bars and seeds are easy to store in my saddle bag when I am cycling. I am trying to pay more attention to fueling on the bike for long endurance rides, as I usually go fasted. Fat for fuel works best for me, and the simple ingredients don't bother my stomach!

Fav. Product: Chocolate bar and coconut pumpkin seeds- fat for fuel! Easy and convenient to store, they taste great and I don't have to worry about artificial ingredients.

Fav. Sport: My favorite sport would have to be running, as that is my first, but I am really learning to love cycling as well.

2018 Accomplishments:

  • Qualified for the 2019 and 2020 Boston marathon.

  • I ran Grandma’s marathon in the summer.

  • Twin Cities Marathon in the fall.

  • I was injured in my Boston training this past year, so I was unable to go. I am currently recovering and took up cycling to keep up my endurance!

2019 Goals:

  • Complete a few a century (100 mile) rides.

  • Get back to running pain free.

  • Prepare myself to start training for Boston 2020.  

  • After that, I would like to do a half ironman next year.